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    The largest manufacturing base of China railway passenger train is starting construction in Changchun
    Source:  author:release time:2012/9/5

      On Aug.8, CNR Changchun Railway Corporation Equipment Company’s overall relocation phase II project – CNR Changchun Railway Corporation manufacturing base, held a grand opening ceremony in Changchun rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry development zone. The ceremony marked that “City of the equipment manufacturing industry” created by CNR combining with Jilin Province Changchun, made an important step. 
      Jilin Province secretary of provincial party committee, main leaders, Zhengcai Sun, Guangbin Gao, Zuji Wang, Zhiying Jiang, Zhi Gao and CRC and Changchun Railway Corporation Equipment Company’s leaders and part of staffs attend the opening ceremony. YanJun Lou, General Manager of Changchun Railway Corporation Equipment Company, introduced the passenger car manufacturing base project, WanMin Xiao made a speech on the opening ceremony, express the support for Changchun Railway Corporation Equipment Company’s overall relocation, and hope to complete new plant construction, contribute to China's railway equipment modernization and boost local economic development. Then the leaders attended the ceremony were starting cut the ribbon for passenger car manufacturing base.
      Changchun is also actively developing railway vehicle development planning of output billions value after China made high-speed EMU, urban rail transit as the "top ten revitalization of the industrial engineering", As the leading enterprise in the railway passenger car repair industry in China, under the help and support of the government at all levels, Changchun Railway Corporation Equipment Company, are moving to the target of "construction domestic first-class railway car, urban rail vehicles, and the EMU overhaul base, and becoming a well-known railway vehicle parts suppliers".
      In April of 2010, CNR started overall relocation project to take advantage of the group's overall, build a complete industry chain, manufacture, repair, After completed to production, will form a production capacity of annual output value 15 billion yuan. Project implementation can push rail transit equipment development of changchun region, and keep the leading position and competitive advantages in the domestic, seize market opportunities, it is of great significance.     
      The construction period of Changchun Railway Corporation Equipment Company’s overall relocation phase II project is two years, the goal is to build a passenger car manufacturing base combine with passenger car manufacturing and maintenance, EMU maintenance and accessories assorted. The project will build the most advanced carbon steel passenger car production line, the ability to manufacture carbon steel passenger train is 600cars; EMU overhaul ability would be 120 trains yearly; and the ability of repairing type 25 or high grade passenger car would be 700cars, After the project is completed, it will be a largest railway passenger car manufacturing base.