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    Plastic is starting widely used in automotive field.
    Source:  author:release time:2013/3/12

      More than 30 years, the application of plastics in automobile is growing. At present, the amount of plastic using in the industrial developed countries is about 8% ~ 10% of total consumption. From the perspective of the materials use of modern car, whether it is dressing, inner decoration, or function and structure, you can see the shadow of plastic production everywhere. The application characteristics of dressing is in plastic instead of steel, which can reduce automobile weight, the main parts are bumper, fender, wheel cover, guide plate, etc.;
      In the inner decoration, the main parts are dash board, inner door board, vice dashboard, glove box cover, seat and rear guard board, etc.; Function and structure parts are mailboxes, radiator water room, air filter cover, fan blade, etc.
    A variety of advantages to make automotive materials is more favorite for plastic material.