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    The new standard of European plastic recycling will take effect on August
    Source:  author:release time:2012/7/31
      The new standard of European plastic recycling will take effect on August; standard company will have the opportunity to get the certification of EuCertPlast.
      The purpose of EuCertPlast certificate is making standardization for the prominent cases in the industry in waste traceability, environmental friendliness, recycling transparency, to improve the transparency of plastic recovery and enterprise operation. The standard will strictly follow the European committee for 15343 standard for plastics recycling and current standards.
      EuCertPlast certificate will include type of raw material of plastic recycling enterprise, equipment processing capacity, processed products, proportion of recycling, business transparency grade, waste plastics processing amount in a period of past time etc. If you want to get the certificate, plastic recycling enterprises must conform to a series of regulations at first. Among them, whether or not having the right plastic recycling license, how to deal with the waste in the process of operation in the factory, how to discharge waste water, how to control energy consumption, is to investigate the factors.
      EuCertPlast project began in 2009, led by the European plastics recycling association (EuPR) and the European organization for regeneration and recycling association (EPRO), European association for plastic processing (EuPC) and some plastic processing and recycling companies are also involved in the project. At present, the Italian plastic recycling association COREPLA has expressed an intention based on EuCertPlast standard to monitor the plastic recycling companies. By 2013, EuCertPlast will be incorporated into the plan of Germany blue angel.
      Alexander Dan burgess managing director said: "The company has a good performance in the field of plastic recycling can obtain this certificate now, it will promote more and more plastic processors using recycled plastics." Chairman EuPR Soup Eman said "Europe needs a harmonious audit system", EuCertPlast create a fair competition environment for European plastic recycler.
      European plastics recycling industry is composed of 1500 companies, each year more than 4.5 million tons of plastic garbage can be recycled. It is understood that usually it is difficult to know whether these materials have been recycled or enter the market again. Therefore, a common European plastic recycling regulatory system is very necessary.