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    The application temperature and medium of high pressure metal hose for rubber and plastics
    Source:  author:release time:2015/3/17
      Metal hose is important engineering component, which composed by corrugated flexible pipe, nets and joint etc. During the conveying pipelines of air and liquid and length, temperature, position and Angle compensation system, Hoses as compensation, sealing, connection and suspension components, are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, mining machinery, shipping, health care, light textile, electronics, energy, building, etc.
      In 1993 our country issued national standard "The general technical conditions for the corrugated metal hose” (GB/T14525-93). Metal hose adopts austenitic stainless steel materials or makes according to the requirements of customers, with excellent flexibility, corrosion resistance, resistance to high temperature (235 ℃ ~ + 450 ℃), high pressure resistance (up to 32 mpa), the system pipeline can connect in any direction for temperature compensation, absorb vibration and reduce noise, and can change medium conveying direction, eliminate mechanical displacement between the pipe or pipe and equipment, such as the flexible joint of double flange of corrugated metal hose is particularly applicable for displacement and vibration of pump, valve, etc.
      Metal hose used two kinds of corrugated pipes: one kind is spiral corrugated pipe; another is annular corrugated pipe. Spiral corrugated pipe is a tubular shell of corrugated spiraling configuration, there is a helix angle between the adjacent two corrugated, all corrugated can be connected by a spiral line. The connection mode of metal hose can be divided into flange connection, threaded connections, quick joint connection, in normal, threaded connections, quick joint connection are used for small-bore metal hose, and flange connection is used for large – bore metal hose.