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    The rules of fixed years of tower crane
    Source:  author:release time:2013/12/21
      According to ‘the ministry of construction released the announcement on the construction of "11th five-year plan" to promote application and restrictions the use of technology (first) (no. 659), the provision of  fixed years of construction TOWER CRANE  is as following:
      1. The following three kinds of tower crane, the tower crane more than fixed years can continue to use after assessment and eligible by a qualified appraisal institution:
      1.1Under the 630 KN. M (excluding 630 kn. M),  the factory life is more than 10 years (excluding 10 years) ;
      1.2630 ~ 1250 kn. M (excluding 1250 KN. M), the factory life is more than 15byears (excluding 15 years) ;
      1.3More than 1250kN.m, the factory life is more than 20 years (excluding 20 years)
      2. If the fixed years of a tower crane required in operation instruction is less than the above provisions, shall be perform according to the stipulated fixed years in the operating instructions.
      3. In addition to the complete machine, the scrapped rules of main bearing structure of tower crane, should perform according to "the tower crane safety rules" (GB5144-2006), item 4.7: "The scrap of Structural pieces and working fixed years"