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    Deliver Great Love, Build True Affection
    release time:2017/5/23

          Golden Bean Report (Zhiguo Zhang) May 20th, the scholarship funding activity titled as “Golden Bean Group Donate to Education and Contribute to the Belt and Road” were sponsored and officially started. Chairman Mingnan Jin of Golden Bean Group, Dean Meihua Li of Jilin University International Education Institution, Director Guohua QI of Foreign Affairs Office of Changchun City attended and made speeches. More than 20 overseas students from Pakistan joined the scholarship funding open ceremony. Chairman Jin donated the check of 100,000 as the scholarship to the overseas students on the scene. Jilin University International Education Institution became the first institution of higher education to establish international scholarship.  



                          【Dean Meihua Li of Jilin University International Education Institution accepted the Check】

           The establishment of the fund was proposed and sponsored by the Chairman of Golden Bean Group Mingnan Jin, one part is scholarship for excellent overseas students in character and learning, the other part is subsidy for the poor students. To inspire and help more overseas students, Golden Bean Group will provide at least 100,000 RMB for the overseas students in Changchun.



    【Director Guohua Qi of Foreign Affairs Office of Changchun City (Second from Left in Row 1) and Chairman Mingnan Jin of Golden Bean Group (Third  from Left in Row 1) are communicating to Overseas Students】


          Chairman Mingnan Jin believe the development of Golden Bean Group from a small private company to a multi-industry transregional private-owned enterprise group, which has 11 wholly owned subsidiaries and staffs more than 3,000., from the simplex business to covers the ranges of road and bridge construction, railway transportation facilities, real estate development, entertainment, municipal engineering construction, architectural decoration and finishing, old-age service industry. All these are benefited from the reform and opening-up policy. To reward the nation, one must be brave in taking the responsibility and be grateful to who have helped his country and people. With the help of reform and opening up,     make the humble efforts, release more



    【Group Photo after Establishing of Golden Bean Scholarship】


             overseas and domestic positive energy, help the overseas students in Changchun to realize their dreams under the conditions of ability, and make due efforts to promote cultural and promote people-to-people exchanges.



                      【Fengxiao Jin, Assistant to Chairman of Golden Bean Group Spoke to the Reporter】     


    During the opening ceremony, Chairman Mingnan Jin appreciated for the efforts of Jilin University International Education Institution to build the friendship of funding in education. He expressed his idea of donating to the public welfare establishment of funding education as always, and take this as international bond to deliver friendship. And also he wish Jilin University International Education Institution train more international top talent, take responsibility and contribute to the training of domestic and overseas talents.  



    【The Overseas Students Experienced the Amusing Programs in Changchun Fantasy Park】


          1:00 PM, with the guiding of Dean Meihua Li, Jilin University International Education Institution, more than 20 overseas students visit Changchun City Fantasy Park, which one of affiliates of Golden Bean Group, look around the facilities and  firsthand experienced the programs of “flume ride, ferris wheel, crazy windmill”. She said:“while the overseas students in Changchun, the care of study and daily lives from the enterprise like Golden Bean Group provided them a sum of spiritual wealth, after their graduation, no matter staying in China or go back to their homeland, it will be very helpful for their work and live. The memory and feeling can not be measured by  money.




                                                           【Introduction and Presentation】


          The overseas students also visit Golden Bean Group head office and watched the advising video. Assistant to Chairman, Mr.Fengxiao Jin introduced his overseas study experience and visit to Pakistan. He said:“It’s hard to study abroad, facing the difficulties in languages, habits and daily lives, but also gain the wonderful joys.



    【Overseas Students Watch the Advertising Video of Golden Bean Group】


    During the opening ceremony, the Director of Changchun City Foreign Affairs Offices said the establishment of Golden Bean Scholarship is a meaningful practice for the funding of overseas students study in China. He welcome more overseas students come to study and live in Changchun, he also hope the relative government department can provide more helps and make Changchun as the second homeland for the overseas students.

        At last, symposium between overseas students and the representatives from branch company of Golden Bean Group.