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    Member of the NPC Visited and Investigated at the Apartment for the Elderly of Yikang Yuan
    release time:2016/7/7

          Respecting and loving the elderly is the traditional virtue of the Chinese Nation. In order to know the running and developing status of nursing institution for the aged, encourage and support its steady and healthy development in Jilin Province, the NPC group members accompanied by member of the standing committee of Jilin Province and municipal party Secretary Mr. Junzheng Wang, the officers of Jilin Provincial People’s Congress and Changchun Municipal People’s Congress visited and investigated at the apartment for the elderly of Yikang Yuan on the afternoon of Jul. 7th.   

          With the guide and introduction of Principal of Yikang Yuan Ms. Li Cao, the NPC delegation look around the facilities and see the elderly to know their living condition and the working condition of the staffs. As Ms. Cao told, the nursing institution for the aged business in Jilin Province developed according to international standards, most nursing institution actively cooperate with the organizations in Japan, USA, Denmark, South Korea and TaiWan, brought advanced ideas and technology, try to prompt the developing of nursing for the aged business in Changchun.

          The delegation praised the enterprise culture, management theory, facilities and environment, and the mental state of the elderly and staffs in Yikang Yuan, and made positive comments for the development of nursing for the aged business in Jilin Province.