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    June 1st Children’s Day Fall into the Arm of Fiery Fairland Again
    release time:2016/6/2

        Golden Bean report (Xiaotian Zhang) Amusement park is the dreaming paradise for children and place for adults return the childhood dreams. It is Children’s Day yesterday, the stream of people like tide, the long waited children and family with happy laughters and cheerful voices gathered at Shengli Park, and fall into the arm of fiery fairyland once again. 

        This is a relaxed and excited day, clear sky without any cloud, and even the wind also become pleasantly warmer than a few days ago, as if she can also perceive the throbbing hear of the children who is playing aloft.

        From 8 o 'clock in the morning, the people in the park looks like an endless stream, each ticket office stands a long line, the children's faces are full of eager and exception.

        Here is not only the child's paradise, but also the heaven of combination of the old, the middle-aged and the young, many amusement programs are not restricted by age, everyone enjoying the joy and passion today. Ferris wheel rotates in high altitude slowly, let the people have a panoramic view of the surrounding environment; Sounding shuttle makes visitors feel like skydiving adventure; Pirate ship is like place oneself in terrifying waves, sometimes on the crest and sometimes down the cliff; Surging ahead can experience a tidal surge...

        The visitors can relish the warmth and pleasant of fantasy land while releasing the passion. People gradually dispersed in talking and laughing with the setting sun.