Ladies and Gentlemen:
  Sixteen years ago, a young man from a coastal city - Dalian northeast of China came to Changchun, began a difficult business. Now, all kinds of scientific and technical personnel, management elite and skilled employees 4600 in his behind have followed up; The name of enterprise also by original "Amusement park of Changchun city, development to a railway vehicles, bridge construction,municipal construction, real estate development, architectural  decoration and large outdoor amusement park etc. This young man is – Mingnan Jin, chairman of the Jilin Golden Bean Group Co., ltd.
  Today, with my colleagues, we are still on the road to venture. The difference is that after sixteen years of arduous pioneering and cultural precipitate, Golden Bean Group has set up a scientific and technological service concept; Integrity, Rigorous, Pratical, collaborative, efficient work style; With professional vision in product research, development, production; With our strong strength based on the domestic industry’s leading edge. Golden Been people keep on going on the way of Industrial Science and technology and sustainable development, try our best to import the most advanced equipment as much as possible, cooperate with the best talent in society, domestic and foreign trade, for the purpose of win and common prosperity.
  On behalf of this, represent the Jilin Golden Bean Group, thanks for all the frends of supporting and helping us!We will actively participate international competition in the trend of global economic integration, to provide the market with quality products and more satisfactory service, toward to new glory!